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My name is Bo Ingves. I am an experienced journalist, photographer and graphic designer. My mother language is Swedish and I have a professional skill in written Finnish. I’ve also made a lot of technical articles in English, i.e. when one don’t have to know all the nuances of the English language.


My story in short

I’ve been working as a full time journalist since 1985. For the past 28 years I have mainly written stories related to companies, finance, technology and motoring business for a wide array of magazines and newspapers. Product communication has been one of my mainstays. But of course, being a freelance I have also done lots of articles about nearly any subject possible during the years. On the side I have studied photography and graphic design. I built my first website in 1996 and has kept up with the development of the Internet since then.


After 20 years as a freelance journalist I was hired by the Finnish media company KSF Media in 2011 for a period of two years. In 2013 I was employed as acting managing editor and graphic designer for Forum Business Magazine. In September 2016 the person I’ve been substituting returned to the job and this means that I am an freelance entrepreneur again as from the beginning of September.


My offer

I can help you out if you need an experienced journalist who can write easily understandable stories especially about companies, difficult financial and technical subjects and motoring/traffic issues. I write in Swedish, Finnish and English.


I am also an experienced graphic designer; for the past three years I have designed Forum Business Magazine, and at KSF Media one of my tasks, beside being a reporter, was to layout a daily newspaper. In addition I am a certified translator with the language pair Finnish to Swedish, but I have also done translations from English to Swedish.


My toolbox

Creative Suite, Microsoft Office and Nikon 7200 with quality optics.



I have been playing bass guitar in different bands since 1973 and I am still playing live gigs. I am very interested in recording and mixing music, which one can say is my main hobby alongside solving crosswords. The funny thing is that my Macbook Pro is the platform as well for my work as for the music. I try to keep myself in shape by walking whenever I have the time.


Here it starts

If this introduction made any sense to you, please give me a call or send me an e-mail so that we can look deeper in what I can offer you. I have my own company Tera Visions Oy Ab, so it will be a B2B relationship that makes things easier to handle, for all parties involved.


A couple of links:


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